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We decide to set up this website due to the frustration at the lack of information that was available when we got our pup Maya.


We had a very long drive the night we went to collect Maya and by the time we got their it was very late and very dark ,we were shown around and got to see the mother and father, the mother being the German Shepherd and the father the Malamute both were very healthy lovely looking dogs.

As there was only the two pups left it wasn’t long before we had our pup picked out ,she was the one running around, coming over to see us and very curious about everything around her ,whereas the other pup was very  quiet and reserved. After picking her (or her picking us) it was back to the farm house where we were given lots of information on feeding and when she had her first jags, when she was last wormed and had flea treatment, we also
received a puppy pack with what we would need for the next couple of days to get her settled and her details and the breeders details, then we headed for home very tired but happy. Unfortunately Maya got very car sick and I spent a good hour when we got home trying to wash out the car.


The next morning we sat and looked at this pup, as she explored her surroundings, she looked just like a little teddy bear.     After a few days of getting her settled introducing her to the cat and trying to find a suitable name I started looking through the internet to try and find out what I could about this mix of dog and  what it would be called after all you  have Labradoddles there must be a name for ours. Finally after a few weeks of searching I found it a very small piece of information she was an Alaskan Shepherd much better when someone asks
‘what kind of dog is she’ after that I came to a blank, then by chance I typed in Alaskan Shepherd on Facebook and up popped the Alaskan Shepherd Online Community page (i have put a link to this in the links page) that had been started by an American just for this breed that person was Joshua Charmley he to found it hard to get information and started this community where it has been growing steadily    


It has been great to share information and get advice from other owners but I still felt that there must be more of these dogs out there and maybe their owners are having the same problems I had when trying to find out anything that’s when we decided to set up this website and try and put as much information about these dogs as possible most of it my own experiences and from what I learn from the other owners.


It would also be great of course if through this site and the facebook page if we were to find anyone in Scotland and any of Maya's brothers and sisters. 


Please note ,

The purpose of this site is to try and give as much knowledge and information that i have of this breed as i can from my own experience and of that from the other owners on the FB page .

Please enjoy the site.  






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